Learn New Things Online

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You can learn new things online. Whatever you want to learn, it is guaranteed that you can find a tutorial of sorts on the Internet. That is the great thing about the digital age. Any information is at your fingertips. If you want to learn how to ride a bike, you can simply search for it and you are guaranteed to find a lot of materials that will teach you how to do it.

Different ways you can learn something new online

Elearning is a type of learning that happens through an electronic media. Most of the time, it refers to the Internet. Anything that you can learn online is a type of elearning method.

There are three basic types of learning new things online.

  • Through text. The first is learning through text. There are a lot of How-To websites online where you can find instructions and detailed steps that will help you learn new skills or knowledge. These websites include HowCast, Instructables, How Stuff Works, etc. These usually provide a step by step tutorial of various skills. The articles are provided with illustrations or images to kep you understand each step.
  • Through interactive elements. Here, there is greater use of learning materials that promote interaction – with the website or with other people. You can learn through social media – through the respective skills and knowledge provided by your social peers. The how-to videos that you see on social media sites are included in this type.
  • Through simulation. The best way to learn is to experience something. Among the other two, this is the best way to learn new things online and retain them. However, this is the most challenging to create. There is a certain level of gamification involved here. You have to create sophisticated games that will engage the learners online.

A guide to what you can learn online

In this website, we will provide you with a list of what you can learn online. Here are some of the articles that you can expect to find on this site.

As you can see there are various opportunities for you to learn new things online. In this website, we will help you find out where you can learn all of them.