Learn How To Design Websites Online

It pays to know how to design websites online. This is the digital age after all. There are millions of websites online and there is an increasing demand for more to be created.

If you think about it, this is a great option for a side job. You do not have to make a career out of it but it can help you get some extra cash. Instead of sitting in front of the TV during weekends, you can opt to design websites instead.

But before that happens, you need to know where you can learn about web creation and design first.

Why learn how to design websites online?

Unfortunately, web designing can be intimidating to learn. There are a lot of tools online that will help you create your own website. But they do not really teach you how it is done. These are the easy versions. If you want to be proficient at it so you can use it as a side job, then you need to look for courses that will teach you how to design websites online.

Fortunately, the Internet is filled with information and tools that will help you learn. Web design tutorials come in all forms. It can be like a how-to article with images or screenshots to guide you through the task. There are videos that you can also view. Some create interactive materials that will help you practice during the learning process.

The learning materials that you will find online require a fee – but there are some that you can use for free. Of course, if you want to learn how to design websites online so you can switch into a new full-time career, the free courses will not suffice. The paid courses will give you a more in-depth tutorial of web designing.

But if you merely want to test the waters, the free courses should be good enough. It is a great way for you to see if you have what it takes to design websites.

Online courses that teach you to design websites

Here are some of your options when it comes to free courses in web design.

Code School

The great thing about the courses they offer is that they believe that it is better to learn by doing. You can take that as an assurance that you will get some hands-on training. If you are a beginner, this is the best option for you. They allow you to design websites without the need for any content management training. The 8 courses may not be a lot but it should be enough to get you started.

Channel 9 Web Development

This is a great option for those who do not have experience in both web design and programming – but would like to know how. Here, you will be given access to videos that are viewed in succession. You need to complete one before you can progress to the next. There are 21 videos to go through – all of which will take a total of 12 hours to complete. It should be enough to help you create a website that is filled with multimedia elements.

Dash General Assembly

This is another option if you are a beginner. You will be given a story-based tutorial that is quite interactive and entertaining. While the focus is on the general topics of web design, there are also lessons about JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These will allow you to create simple websites. If you want to design e-commerce sites, you may have to take on more courses.

There are other online courses that you can choose to design websites online. Feel free to browse the Internet to see more options that may be more suited to what you are looking for.