Learn How To Draw

The Internet is a great source of materials that will help you learn how to draw. The truth is, we are all born with a natural ability to draw. In fact, our ancestors used drawing to communicate their thoughts first. However, not everyone can create visually appealing and artistic creations.

In the information and digital age, a drawing skill may be more important than you know. We have evolved into highly visual people. Or maybe we have been that way since the beginning of time. One thing is for sure, our brain absorbs more visual information than it would if it was in text form.

Without a doubt, drawing is a way to express ourselves. And our expression varies because of our personality. But that does not mean learning the basic rules of drawing is not needed.

Why learn how to draw?

We have mentioned that all of us know how to draw. However, not everyone practises it because they are not good at it. Well, that can be arranged. There are several ways for you to be good at drawing.

But why is it necessary to draw?

Let us start with the habits that drawing can help you develop. It is a great mental exercise. When you draw all the time, we tend to figure out our thoughts. We dwell on it more compared to simple writing. That makes us smarter when we draw.

Drawing also allows us to practise our creativity and imagination. The two allows the development of new ideas to thrive. When our mind gets used to coming up with more ideas, the potential to grow and improve our life increases.

This is also a necessary skill to have in some workplaces. Sometimes, employers look for specific people who have strong visual communication skills. That should be a good reason for you to learn how to draw regardless of the profession that you are in.

Free drawing lessons online

The good news is, there are several courses online that will help you practise and be better at drawing. Here are some of your options.

  • Kline Creative. This website offers free drawing lessons online. It is meant for beginners – regardless of the age. There are instructional videos that make it easier to understand different strokes and techniques.
  • ArtyFactory. This offers free online art lessons using pencils, colored pencils, and even ink. This is a great way for beginners to expand their knowledge of drawing.
  • DrawingCoach.com. This website has multiple drawing classes that will allow you to draw immediately. They skip the theoretical lessons and go straight to the practical application.
  • DrawSpace. This website offers both paid and free courses. They have a lot of collection and you can choose the course that you want to use to learn how to draw properly.