How To Learn Programming Online

Looking for ways to learn programming online? You landed on the right website.

Programming is a process of writing codes to create computer programmes. These programmes are used on specific tasks that can be executed electronically. Since we are in the digital age, a knowledge of programming will help you move forward in any career.

Why learn programming online?

So why should you learn how to programme online?

There are two reasons why. The first is because this is a highly valued skill at the moment. In fact, the great Steve Jobs even said that everybody should learn this skill because it forces you to think. When you are programming, you are taught to solve problems in a step by step way. It is not a shortcut. You need to analyse the problem so you can come up with a detailed solution that you will write in codes. If you think about it, this is the best way for you to be adept at solving problems.

When you learn how to programme, you are also encouraged to test out new ideas. In order to execute it into a working programme, you have to know how the idea will be executed in detail. You do not really have to be proficient at it. You just have to know the basics. Once you have that in mind, frequent practise will help you improve over time.

Now, why should you learn programming online? Because it is the easiest way to learn. After all, programming is an electronic thing. You can practice it online and see the results immediately. Software programmes are used in the digital platform anyway.

Websites where you can learn programming for free

Now that you know why you need to learn this skill online, the next step is to find out where you can learn it. Here is a list of online courses that will allow you to learn programming for free.

  • CodeAcademy. The site has helped more than 24 million to learn how to programme. It is one of the leading sites to learn online.
  • Coursera. The site offers more than a thousand courses that come from 119 institutions. There are programmes that you need to pay for but the basic courses for programming are for free.
  • edX. This is an open source learning platform that was founded by Harvard University and MIT back in 2012. It includes around 60 schools that offer various courses.
  • Udemy. This online learning platform has a combination of paid and free courses. You can learn how to programme through instructive videos.
  • aGupieWare. This is an app develop operating independently. They surveyed various computer-science programmes before creating their own curriculum. They based it on the free courses offered by prominent institutions like MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and Berkeley.

If none of these platforms suit your needs, then you can find other websites that will help you learn programming online.