How To Learn Swedish Online

Do you want to learn Swedish? It is a cool language to learn. But we all know that learning a new language is not the easiest lesson that you will encounter.

The language that you currently know is something that comes automatically to you. Most of the time, you do not really have to think hard about what you will say. Your thoughts are just automatically translated into words because the language that you use is very familiar to you.

It is this automation in your brain that makes it challenging to learn a new language. You are suddenly actively thinking about what you will say. It can be exhausting at first but as you practise it every day, the thought-to-word translation becomes easier.

Why learn Swedish online?

But why should you specifically learn Swedish? There are many reasons why.

  • There are 9 million Swedish speakers all over the world
  • This is a language used in both Sweden and Finland. If you plan to visit, it may not be necessary to learn the language. But if you have to live there temporarily because of your career or for business purposes, then you probably have to learn the language.
  • It will help you feel less of a foreigner. Not only that, you can travel with the local population without fear that you will not be understood. Sometimes, the language barrier can be a serious hindrance to your progress in the community.
  • It can be a great sideline if you can teach other people Swedish.

Of course, before you can enjoy these benefits, you need to learn Swedish first.

Websites where you can learn Swedish online

Fortunately for you, there are several websites that you can use to learn the language online. Here are three that we found online.


Actually, this is not really a website but an app that you can download to learn the language. The app will help you learn Swedish on a daily basis – just for 5 mins a day. They have game-like lessons that will help you practice. Even if you are just starting or already practicing what you learned, your skills will be improved. This is true for your reading, writing and speaking skills. The app will allow you to customise the learning process and you can even receive immediate grades to see how you are progressing in the lesson. The best part about learning through Duolingo is you can learn anywhere.

Learning Swedish

This website offers a free online course to help you learn the Swedish language. They have courses for beginners that will allow you to study provided materials online. This allows you to adjust the pace of the learning curve and base it on your specific schedule. The course will help you learn to speak and write the language. You will also be given a brief background on the culture and society of the Swedish.


The website offers different courses to help you learn and understand Swedish online. You can start with an overview of the language before moving on to the beginner’s course. This course has a step-by-step process that will make learning easier. You also have the option to learn how to use the language with the correct grammar rules. This course provides exercises that will give clear examples. There are also other courses that will help you listen, speak, and write Swedish.

These are only some of our suggestions that will help you learn Swedish online. There are other websites that you can explore.